- Young Winemakers Program -

As access to winemaking facilities and equipment for wine analysis becomes increasingly difficult for young winemakers, an idea was formed by the family behind Stones of the Yarra Valley and Meletos to provide a facility for new winemakers to produce small batch wine in a professional and supportive environment.

Encompassing an urban winery, tapas bar and events space, No.7 Healesville is dedicated to fostering the next generation of Australian winemakers by providing expert advice, mentoring and state-of-the-art equipment. Each year, No.7 Healesville will select up to 20 young winemakers who will each press 2-tonnes of fruit to produce what will be the very first wines of their professional careers. With access to mentoring from winemakers Damian North (Journey Wines) and Behn Payten (Payten & Jones, Four Pillars) the program provides valuable support in all aspects of winemaking, from the sampling of juice right through to business advice on establishing a new wine label.  No.7 Healesville features world-class equipment including a Scharfenberger de-stemmer and press and has the capacity to facilitate all aspects of the winemaking process on site - from the day the fruit arrives, to the moment the wine is labelled.

An important element of the program is the acquisition of wine. Assuming the winemaker meets all the criteria of the program, No.7 Healesville will commit to buy half the finished product from the winemaker to sell through it’s tapas bar or via restaurant and events held at Stones of the Yarra Valley & Meletos. This commitment will ensure that the costs involved in the press, storage and bottling process will ultimately be absorbed by No.7 Healesville. Additionally, No.7 Healesville will aggressively promote each winemaker and their brand to ensure an extraordinary start to their winemaking career.