Winter Wine Dinners

Winter Wine DINNER Series


We’re thrilled to announce a series of wine dinners down here at No.7 to take place monthly, having recently hosted the inaugural dinner with legends (and neighbours!) Payten & Jones, we are thrilled to announce Wine Dinner #2 with none-other than Damian North of Journey Wines!

From the lauded floors of iconic Sydney restaurants (Tetsuya’s of Rozelle and Pier at Rose Bay) to the green pastures of Oregon, USA, Damian North’s career in wine has been full tilt from day one. Having begun his career as a sommelier in Sydney, Damian soon realised his passion for wine extended beyond curation, and into creation. Damian studied winemaking at Charles Sturt University before moving to the Yarra Valley where he spent a number of years as assistant winemaker at TarraWarra Estate. His love for Pinot Noir lured him to the evergreen slopes of Oregon, where he set-up home with his wife and two children for three years making nothing but pinot noir at the renowned Benton-Lane Winery. After a remarkable few years in America, the allure of Chardonnay carried him to internationally renowned winery Leeuwin Estate in Margaret River, WA. Five years making wine at Leeuwin Estate took Damian’s wine making to a whole new level.

Having always dreamt of starting his own label, Damian returned to the Yarra Valley where he launched Journey Wines, sourcing exceptional fruit from vineyards throughout the Yarra Valley and Heathcote. Not only does Damian run Journey Wines, but he is also the mentor down here at No.7 for our Young Winemakers Program: guiding, teaching, overseeing and generally sharing his expertise and experience with our Young Winemakers! Outside of No.7, Damian has quickly established Journey Wines as a highly respected and sought after wine label, and we are delighted to host Damian at No.7 for Wine Dinner numero 2!