Coterie Vintage Membership

Coterie Vintage Membership

The 2019 Coterie Vintage Membership is officially underway, following a remarkable site visit to Tibooburra and an afternoon of stomping. As a result bookings are closed for 2019, however if you’d like to learn more about the program or register your interest for 2020 read on.

The Coterie Vintage Membership is an innovative and interactive membership that fuses food, wine, new friends and good times over a series of unique sessions.

No winemaking experience necessary - just a love for wine and making friends!

The winery is full of new toys for our winemakers to play and excitement levels are high! We’re in full swing with winemakers Behn Payten and Damian North taking on another vintage head on! Chardonnay, Pinot, Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz grapes have been pouring through the doors for the last two weeks as we wrap our heads around the remarkable gear we have at our fingertips!

The selected variety for our first Coterie Vintage Membership is a Shiraz from a magnificent vineyard in the Upper Yarra Valley called Tibooburra. This property provides a variety of farming pursuits – as well as a number of grape varieties, Tibooburra also runs a substantial herd of Angus cattle and more recently truffles were discovered on the property! Greg and Susan Kerr are certainly living the dream and managing a property with a complete commitment to sustainability and environment. We are so pleased to be working with them on our first Coterie wine project.

Damian North from Journey Wines is running this year’s Coterie Vintage Membership program, which based off our first session we have no doubt is going to be a very fun year! Mid-year barrel tasting, wine info sessions, bottling and the Uncorked Dinner - good times ahead!


Bookings have now closed for the 2019 Coterie Vintage Membership. Click the button below to find out more about the program and register your interest for 2020 Coterie Vintage.